This weekend was absolutely lovely here in Austin. 

The weather was incredible, the sun bright, and that makes me happy! It is so life giving to me to live here. The culture, people, sounds, smells, sights, & every wonderful thing about Austin sneaks into the little crevices of my soul to breathe life & joy.
 I am constantly thanking Jesus for creating ATX, a one-stop shop for good music, good food, GREAT weather, beautiful scenery & amazing people. 

This Week:
I was reminded of how motherhood is (in my life) the most rewarding, most joyful, most stressful, most anxious thing I do. ..
I love this shot with the drool hanging off her chin

Eliza is just incredible, BUT we had a few rough days this week where I found myself really anxious about  her sleeping, her eating, her development, you name it, I was anxious about

My husband showed how much he loves me...
In the midst of my stress, my husband spent a few hours contacting mama who I look up to and asking if they would share some love with me. I got home from work and was welcomed with a soundly sleeping baby and this...

the sweetest handmade scrapbook made by Aaron full of the love & encouragement from my friends. Thanks yall! :)

We finished planting our shrine of various plant containers garden!

We worked away at crawling & standing.
(and got really tired. I couldnt get her to sit or stand up for about 15 minutes-so we just laid here together.)

We enjoyed the sunshine & went a little picture crazy at the park.
And went for a long run fast walk around the river.

All in all it was another wonderful week. full of small adventures. but wonderful ones nonetheless.

I have been wanting to make a blog for about 2 years now, but was super intimidated to even try up until a few days ago. So, here we go! I finally got something up and running and I am excited to give this whole blogging thing a shot! Hopefully soon I will have a few good posts ready for your viewing pleasure, but for now I will leave you with a few photos of my darling 8 month old girl...I cant believe she is already 8 months old. wow. 

hope your day is full. of love. and. of adventure.